"Slavery and its Afterlives" Speaker Series

Upcoming events in the "Slavery and its Afterlives" series:

Sweet Taste of Liberty. Speakers: Caleb McDaniel, Stephanie McCurry, and Jordan Brewington. In collaboration with the Forum.
{September 23rd, 2021}

Gender and Carceral Afterlive: A Semicentenial Inquiry. Speakers: Sarah Haley and Saidiya Hartman.
{February 17th, 2022}

America on Fire: A Conversation on Police Violence and Black Rebellion since the 1960s. Speakers: Elizabeth Hinton and Jelani Cobb.
{March 31st, 2022}

For more information about upcoming lectures in the "Afterlives of Slavery" series, check out our calendar of upcoming events.