Book Talks

Beginning in fall 2020, the re-launched Lehman Center is continuing this signature program of the center’s first iteration, but with a different model and focus. Our newish book talk series hosts fewer authors than before—approximately one a month—to reflect on works of interest to our students and colleagues in the History Department and beyond. Because of the multiple historic crises confronting the nation when we reopened our virtual doors, the Lehman Center has chosen to focus the 2020-2021 academic year on inviting historians and researchers who use the past to reflect on patterns of particular interest to crises involving political participation, policing, reparations, and more. We hope that deeper engagement with the historical roots of some of the most pressing political and social issues of our times will help us think more broadly about possible routes to a more just and peaceful future.

"Policing America" Series (2020)

Simon Balto, "Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago from Red Summer to Black Power"
{November 5th, 2020}

Andrea Ritchie, "Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color"
{September 24th, 2020}


"American Politics/American Identities" Series (2020-21)

Mary Ziegler, "Abortion and the Law in America: Roe v. Wade to the Present"
{February 24th, 2021}

Ira Katznelson, "Southern Nation: Congress and White Supremacy after Reconstruction"
{November 19th, 2020}

Martha Jones, "Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, & Insisted on Equality for All"
{October 15th, 2020}

Geraldo Cadava, "The Hispanic Republican: The Shaping of an American Political Identity, from Nixon to Trump"
{October 8th, 2020}